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Oh bravo! That's absolutely correct. My word, the new 'Police Force' is so astute! They should give you a promotion.

But wait, are you accusing me of giving Mr. Stinch poisoned gin? Impossible!

Because I also drank from the exact same bottle as Mr. Stinch and I'm still alive. At least, I think I am! 

I stopped by to give old Stinch his present and he invited me in to share it. He even sent poor Hubert down to the apothecary shop for some ice, though I drank mine neat.

I swallowed it in one gulp, toasting the marvellous new year. Stinch sipped his gin slowly, saying that it was of a quality to be savoured, and that it reminded him of his youth.

I only stopped by for a quarter-hour. Now I wish I'd stayed. Poor fellow.

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