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Oh blast! You've got caught me! Not just a pretty face are you?

I stole the old man's candlestick. Mostly to teach him a lesson. If he keeps raising rent, we can't afford to stay. That candlestick will fetch a pretty penny down the market.

Violet told me about the letter he'd written to the police and left on his desk. A motive? Sure! But I wasn't angry enough to kill him.

All I did was go steal the letter. I thought that if the police never received it, maybe I wouldn't get caught.

I waited until it was quiet and slipped out to pick his door-lock. This was at 9.30pm.

I hurried to the desk, grabbed the letter and bolted right back out again. Oh! I locked the door behind me too.

I asked Noel to burn the letter without reading it, but as we know now I obviously picked up the wrong thing.

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